Kellen + Linzie | Seattle Engagement Photography

Two people so in love that they can barely take their eyes off each other? Yes, that's exactly what would describe Kellen and Linzie. And even though planning a destination wedding in Mexico can be stressful (hello, planning ANY kind of wedding can be stressful, then you throw in going to a whole other country? I can only imagine!), they know it will be worth it... because the wedding isn't what they are looking forward to. Being married to each other, that's what these two are all about! I had so much at their Pike's Place engagement session in Seattle and I am beyond excited for their wedding in October! 

Kellen and Linzie met in a grocery store so we incorporated some light shopping into the session. Yes, that's right, they met in a GROCERY STORE! Sounds like a romantic movie right??? Love it!

Some Mexican gum for Seattle's Gum Wall to commemorate their love. ;-)

Linzie was KILLING it. So gorgeous.

Linzie and Kellen, I cannot thank you enough for such an awesome session! I adore these photos and I adore you guys. I hope this last month of pre-wedding madness goes my smoothly for you and I can't wait to see you on the beach in Mexico!!!


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