Josh is in San Diego with work for a couple of weeks and I'm going through husband withdrawals so I've been looking through our gorgeous wedding photos (by Ashley Forrette) and dreaming of ordering our photo album... (and contemplating if I should be selling photo albums to my clients)... But mostly I've just been missing my best friend and am so thankful for all these amazing photos that we have from our Best Day Ever! Also, I noticed we laugh a lot. Which is a good thing. :-D

And in other random news, here are a few actual conversations that Josh and I have:

1- Josh, upon finding a random spoon laying around: "Is this your Nutella spoon?"
    Me- "How did you know!?"

2- Me- "So, I think we can downgrade our garbage can to a smaller size now that it's only 2 people living here."
   Josh- "Yeah, and get a bigger recycling can since YOU'RE living here!"

3- "Hi Husband!"
    "Hi Wife!"


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