I received a lot of chocolate at my bridal showers. I didn't think much of it, other then to note that it was a LOT of chocolate and to worry about the caloric intake and how it might affect the fit of my wedding dress. I then stashed all the different bars in one of the gift bags and set it aside, forgetting they were there. 

But then today happened... I got completely overwhelmed. And scared. And I felt my anxiety creeping in, tightening my chest. I wanted to run. I wanted to hide until August. I wanted to curl up in bed and not do anything, not think about anything, not have to make any decisions. I cried. And then... I grabbed the closet chocolate bar, gifted to me from someone who understands that sometimes you just need chocolate  to make everything better. 


  1. Seriously, this post was insanely easy to relate to-
    Crying for so many reasons=eat chocolate. without thinking about the possible pimples(my constant worry, lol) or, in your case, the fit of the dress. ;)
    Love you aunty, hang in there :) <3


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