Tuesday Randomness

It felt like summer this weekend. Which was awesome. But was also sweaty, squinty, and maybe slightly sunburnt. But mostly awesome.

Josh's baby brother turned 21 on Saturday. He was 17 and in high school when I met him, now he's all grown up, it's crazy! So proud of him and all he's accomplished, this past year especially. Love you Noah!

Got to see a dear friend this weekend and was blindsided by some troubles they shared... But at the same time, I am so relieved and happy that they felt they could trust me with their burdens and to help them. I'm also thankful that this has led me to pray fervently for God's help so that I might now how to be a help!

I got some amazing feedback from clients yesterday and it really boosted my confidence... Like, yeah, I must actually know what I am doing! I always feel like I'm such a hot mess (i.e., sweating and stuttering and waving my hand around all crazy plus my hair always seems to become a frazzled disaster) when I'm shooting, so to have my clients tell me that they appreciated how I work is such a huge relief! Thank you thank you thank you!

Wedding planning is going a million times better since we got a wedding planner. Seriously probably wouldn't be having a wedding if it weren't for Rachel keeping me on task.

My WA bridal shower is coming up and I am so excited! My friend Kya is throwing it and I happen to live with her so I get these little glimpses into all her projects and I can tell you know, it's going to be awesome! Kya doesn't do anything less then over the top so I can't wait to see it all... eeeee!

Mother's Day is coming up and it always makes me miss my mom super bad. Sometimes I really just wish I could keep her by my side always.

Oh hey, in two months I'm going to have a new last name. NBD.

An to complete the randomness, a few instagram pics...


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