Iris at 6 Months | Still Perfect

She's only been here for six months but already I don't remember what life was like before her. I no longer think of my sister in terms of her and her husband, but in terms of her family. I find myself referring to "my niece" as often as possible and I absolutely revel in every chance to call myself "Aunty". 

This girl, this little 6-month-old baby girl with huge blue eyes and barely-there hair... she just sleighs me. My heart is always so full when I am around her, bursting even, there's no other way to describe it. When she looks at me and smiles with her whole face, I can't help but melt... completely. And then when she makes one of her crazy faces... I just die. There isn't anything that I wouldn't do for her. 

Here's a little sneak peek of her 6-month photos. Prepare for adorable overload. :)

Her face. It's endlessly entertaining!

I took some birthday-suit pics of her and they are seriously the most adorable pictures that I've ever taken! I wish I could show you the pictures of Mari that my dad took when she was Iris's age... it's amazing. Iris is basically the lighter version of Mari. :)

I'm sure Mari will be posting the rest of the pics over on her blog, so I will refrain from posting too many of them here. :) 


  1. I'll be posting tonight after we get the stats from her 6month check-up! :) Love you! Thank you for the beautiful pictures of my gorgeous daughter! XO


  3. she is one adorable little girl, love her expressions, those eyes! Just full of cuteness!

  4. such a cutie and what an actress! :)


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