Bridal Shower! AND I'M THE BRIDE!!!

I have the best friends. No really, the BEST. This last Saturday I had the most amazing bridal shower brunch, orchestrated by Kya and hosted by Sharman, and worked on by pretty much everyone willing to volunteer. :) They made a perfect team with Kya DIY'ing gorgeous decorations and Sharman whipping up the most delicious breakfast spread. Seriously, I am one lucky bride-to-be. I was nervous about being the center of attention and having to be so social, but of course it was for naught and I ended up having SO MUCH FUN! Again, I cannot tell you enough how beautiful everything was and how scrumptious all the food was. It was EPIC. Every little detail was just perfect and really made this whole "I'm getting married" thing real. :)

I got so many awesome presents and feel so lucky to have such generous people in my life. THANK YOU!

 The amazing party planner! Love you Kya!

She slaved away in the kitchen, even though she's 8 months pregnant. Love you Sharman!  

Thank you so much ladies!

Annnnnnd, lucky for me, I have a mom and sister willing to drive 3 hours to come be with me for my bridal shower... even though Mari is also throwing me a bridal shower in Oregon. Yes, I'm THAT lucky. So here's some pictures of Iris. BONUS!


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