I have a grey hair. One short, silver, sticking-straight-up GREY HAIR! Front and center in my hairline. A bright silver, definitely NOT blonde, GREY HAIR. I was not prepared to see that in the mirror tonight. I'm only 27-years-old and I don't have any kids! Hello! Mom always said it was us kids that caused her grey (or is it "gray"?) hairs... so I don't understand what is happening! I honestly thought this was something that wouldn't happen until after I had kids. So who am I to blame for this??? Possible my fiance. He pulls off the salt-and-pepper look so amazingly well, maybe my subconscious wished I also had gorgeous silver strands of hair also. But I doubt that. So I'm actually going to go ahead and blame my wedding. Yep, that's right, the wedding! It's so stressful planning a wedding that my hair is officially turning grey. Ridiculous. If it didn't mean so much to me to have my family witness my vows, I would totally elope. *sigh* I know it will be worth it, after all, at the end of the day, I'll be married to my favorite person in the whole wide world! And I will willingly and happily go through anything, take on any amount of stress (and grey hair) to get to finally be Josh's lawfully wedded wife. *sigh* If it could just be July already! 


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