Tyler | Bremerton Senior Pictures

Meet Tyler. He's graduating from high school this year and he's already all "out in the real world" before the school year is even over! We had our photo session just a few days before he packed up and headed out to North Dakota... to work. So responsible and grown up, right? Personally, back when I was in high school, I was taking it nice and easy those last couple months of my senior year so I got mad respect for Tyler and all his motivation and drive. Very impressive. 

 Tyler, showing off at Lion's Park in Bremerton, first with his tennis skills and then with the soccer ball!

Had to get a few pics with the GTO... LOVE!

And I'll end with this adorable picture of Tyler and his parents. Hopefully they aren't going through too bad of withdrawals having their son out of the house! ;)

Thanks for an awesome session Tyler! I hope you're having fun in North Dakota... good luck with all that "real world" stuff! :) 


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