Sibling Day

According to the #hashtags of Instagram, yesterday was "Sibling Day". And since I'm always a day late and a dollar short... today is my sibling day. ;)

group selfie from our Peru trip

There just aren't adequate words to express how great and big my love is for my siblings. If you have siblings, you probably (I hope) know what I'm talking about. These are my people. My best friends. At one point in time, my worst enemies. :) They are the core of me, the heart of me, the reason why I survived my childhood. They are my family, the ones that lift me up when life gets me down, the ones that glue me back together with their love and support EVERY time I fall apart. They are me and I am them, you simply cannot separate us. I am so unmeasurably lucky to have Mari and Brad as my sister and brother and I am endlessly thankful for Brian and how easily he became my brother; I cannot imagine life without any of these three lovely souls and I thank God for them every.single.night. 


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