I'm Engaged.

I am engaged. I know, you already know that. But I don't think it really set in until I got my engagement pictures done. I found myself in front of someone else's camera, snuggled up to my Joshua, and I was completely overwhelmed with the moment. As Ashley directed me in the way that I so often directed sweet couples, it was so surreal to realize that this is for MY engagement, this is because Josh asked ME to marry him, because we REALLY ARE GETTING MARRIED. That photo session just made it SO real. And then when I finally got to see all the images? To see the way Josh looks at me when I'm not looking? Magic. There is no other word for it. My heart filled to the bursting point and I could barely take it all in. I'm engaged. I'm getting married. I get to marry the best person that I know!  It's amazing. I am amazed.

Again, THANK YOU to Ashley for these beautiful images. xo


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