Devin + Carmen | Seattle Engagement Photography

In an area as crowded as Pike's Place Market in Seattle, it's hard not to feel the press of strangers all around you, to get overwhelmed by the noise and get lost in the push to get from there to there. But for Devin and Carmen, they might as well of been alone, the only two people in the world, because they only had eyes for each other. I couldn't ever hear through the noise to know what they were saying to one another, but I could read the look in their eyes easy enough because love always speaks volumes and these two are very clearly in love.

Carmen's hair is so gorgeous! And yes, I'm totally jealous.

Nothing says "commitment" like putting your gum together on Seattle's Gum Wall! :)

Devin and Carmen, thank you so much for an awesome session! You two lovebirds are so much fun to photograph and I am SO SO SO excited for your wedding in sunny Hawaii! Aloha! ;)


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