Aaron + Michelle | Sherwood Engagement Photography

The first time Aaron and Michelle kissed in front of me, I almost forgot to take the picture. Not because I'm weird or creepy or awkward... but because Michelle is like a little sister to me and I just didn't know how to handle someone kissing her! RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! But then I remembered that I'm their photographer and I need to be professional... so instead of telling Aaron to get his hands on of her, I took the picture, smiled, and commented on how ridiculously adorable the two of them are. :) Because really, once I get over the fact that my best friend's little sister, who I've known for.ev.er. is getting MARRIED this summer, I really can appreciate how great Aaron and Michelle are together.

And honestly, how can I not love Aaron? I've never seen Michelle smile so much and I cannot thank him enough for making her so darn happy. <3 p="">

I get the impression that Michelle makes Aaron pretty happy too. :)

The gorgeous engagement ring. I die.

Aren't they the cutest?! I am so so so excited for their wedding this August! Love you guys! xo


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