Wedding Update

Wedding registries are awkward. There I said it. That's right, you heard me, wedding registries are AWKWARD! They are basically an adult version of a child's birthday wish list. Right? And don't get me wrong, I am a believer in the need for birthday (and Christmas) wish lits to give to my mom (hey, she asks for them!) but it just doesn't feel the same to hand out a wish list to everyone who may or may not come to our wedding. Plus, the guy I'm marrying actually already has most of those household essentials that most couples register for (I think) so I feel like I have to FIND things to register for which then makes me feel like I'm just asking people to buy me pretty things. I mean, I LOVE getting presents and I LOVE pretty things, but I don't want to have to request them. But everybody keeps asking Josh and I where we are registered at.... so I finally caved and made a registry. And yes, it is full of mostly pretty things. But the majority of them are also functional (I adhere to the philosophy that everything in one's home must be useful or beautiful). What I made sure was that everything we put on our registry were things that we genuinely need or desperately want. There isn't anything that if I get, I plan on returning. So that's a victory. To me anyway. :) So yeah... even though it's awkward, we have a registry.

Found these vintage fans at a local thrift store... might have to buy them myself  since I can register for them! ;)


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