My love

Last week and this week Josh has been working 12's... Which actually means 14-16 hours. He's up by 4:30am and doesn't get home home until somewhere between 6:00pm - 8:00pm. I've been in charge of dinner (scary, I know) so that he can come home and not have to think about cooking. So he eats and then is usually exhausted and heads to bed shortly after. It doesn't make for the most exciting evenings and its hard to get any kind of wedding planning done but it does make me so amazingly thankful to have such a hard worker and wonderful provider as my future husband. It's hard to complain about his long days when it's those hours at work that are paying for our wedding. And it's hard to complain about not getting to spend much time with him when he is so selfishly giving his time to make sure we will have everything we need and more. And so I cannot complain; I can only be endlessly thankful and do whatever I can to support him. I lay here beside him as he is snoring, still in his work clothes because he's too tired to even change into his pajamas, and I am thankful for even just this moment to be with him, our feet intertwined and our hearts beating in time. My love for this man knows no end and there is such an unmeasurable joy in knowing that it never will end for as long as we both shall live.


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