Lili + Nick | Kitsap Maternity Photography

It always seems so risky, to meet someone in a park that I've only corresponded with over e-mail. There's always this small paranoid part of me that gets really nervous when I'm waiting to meet a client for the first time. And that's exactly what happened as I was waiting at Lion's Park in Bremerton for Lili and her husband. But the instant we met, all those little fears were dispelled and I was instantly smiten with this adorable couple and their sweet little dog. Lili and Nick are soon-to-be first time parents and it's so touching to see their excitement for the arrival of their son Cameron, as well as their obvious love for each other.

Seriously, aren't they so cute?!!

I didn't even notice until I was editing the photos that the heart was shaped a bit like a heart!

I just love when couples bring personal little details to incorporate into the session!

Congratulations Lili and Nick! I hope that I get to meet little Cameron too and see your family complete.


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