Engagement Photos!

I was a nervous wreck. Me, the photographer, had a stomach FULL of butterflies who were preforming Cirque du Soleil as Josh and I headed to get our engagement photos done. My palms were sweaty, my mind was racing with all the poses I thought we should do and wether or not Josh was going to be awkward in front of someone else's camera or WHAT DO I DO WITH MY HANDS?!! Oh jeez.

Lucky for us, our photographer Ashley is the best of the best. I have been following Ashley's work for a few years now, after we were introduced by our mutual friend Rachel (I even got to be a second shooter for Ashley at Rachel and Eric's wedding!). I love what she does and who she is and am so thankful for all the times she has helpfully answered my photography business questions. She's always the first photographer that I recommend to bride and grooms when I am not available because if I can't be the photographer, of course I'm going to recommend someone who is better then me. Even still, knowing fully how awesome Ashley is, I was still SO NERVOUS. There just seemed to be a lot of pressure for me to have good photos because I'm a photographer and I'm not sure if that's other people's perception or if it's all in my head... but either way, no worries now. Our session was tons of fun (for both Josh and I, not just me, honestly) and when Ashley posted a sneak peek a little bit ago on facebook, I literally squealed, clapped, got teary eyed and started laughing out loud (yes, like a crazy person). I mean come on! Just LOOK at these gorgeous images...

photos by Ashley Forrette Photography

Thank you so so so much Ashley! I hope my clients get as excited as I did when they see their images for the first time. ;) You and Aaron were so much fun to work with and I cannot wait to see the rest! THANK YOU! 

Friends, head over to facebook and "like" Ashley's page so you can see more photos soon!


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