1st Birthday Photo Session for Elliana!

The very first picture that I ever saw of Elliana was of her all swaddled up with a little hat on, being held by her beaming daddy. I was standing in my bedroom when that picture came through on my phone and I remember this overwhelming feeling of joy that burst from my heart. It was so overwhelming that I wept and fell to my knees in thankfulness. I thanked God for keeping Kelsey safe and healthy through her pregnancy, I thanked God that my best friend was married to such an amazing supportive husband, I thanked Him that Elliana was healthy and that she was here and that she was perfect. I hadn't even met her yet but I loved that little girl SO much. And then when I got to meet Elli in person... it was amazing. She was just the most beautiful little baby and Kelsey and Trevor slipped into the role of parents so seamlessly, I was in awe. And now... now that little babe, my niece by all rights except blood, now she is a spitfire little 1-year-old and I only love her all the more. 

Because really, who wouldn't love that face! 

Kelsey put together an awesome photoshoot to celebrate Elli's 1st birthday! Really, you just can't go wrong with streamers, balloons, ruffles, pearls, and lots and lots of pink. :)

 Props to Trevor for getting Elli to clap for a second so we could get a couple of pictures of her with the headband ON! :)

"It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to!" ;-)

Happy birthday Elli bug! Aunty Bethy LOVES YOU!!!! xoxo


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