The Schlactus Family | Sherwood Family Photography

This is the Schlactus family. I have known them since I was in 5th grade. I played water polo with Kael, Katelyn, and Keary for all of middle school and high school. Their dad, David was the one who finally got me to start shooting more. He bet me money one game (I forget how much) that I wouldn't take at least 10 shots on goal. I did, and scored 5 goals... plus I won the bet! So I guess I owe David for making me step up my game. And Katelyn was basically my water polo big sister. My sister passed her number (number 5!) down to Katelyn and then Katelyn passed it down to me. So to say that I like them would be an understatement and to say that I was excited to see them and get to take their family photographs... also an understatement. :) 

Family photos aren't complete without the family dog! 

Please take note of the kids' "majestic" looks in the background. 

 It was really fun to get to do their family portraits around their little farm! We tried to wrangle some chickens to include them in a couple photos but... that went about as well as it sounds it could go. :)

 Love this family! Thanks for an awesome session guys!


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