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It's amazing how fast time goes. I feel so old and cliche saying something like that but when I look through these photos of the Clark family, I can't help but be overwhelmed with the passing of time. Sam and Syd were just tiny little toddlers when I first started photographing them and now it seems like they're on the edge of teenagehood! Okay, so they still have a ways to go yet but it's seriously... look at how big they are!!!

I love how Sam and Syd love each other. They are the best of friends and it's so lovely to see.

 This one's my favorite!

He is his father's son!

And then Sydney turned 13 on me! I almost died when I saw these photos! I'm choosing to focus on the doll she still holds and not the sassy hand on the hip! ;-)

 She's still her mama's little girl though. :)

Darin and Jean, thank you so much for another awesome photo session! It is so much fun to watch your family grow and to see the awesome people that your children are becoming. Plus, I love that they're old enough to pose for me! :) I love you guys! xo


  1. Beautiful work...... love all the energy and life and love that you have captured with your lens!! Thanks for sharing them


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