Derek + Bethany | Bremerton Engagement Photography

If anyone named "Bethany" asks me to take their photos, of course I'm going to say YES! Because obviously if you have the same name as me, you're clearly going to be awesome. ;-) But seriously, Derek and Bethany are both pretty awesome and I am beyond excited for their wedding next month! 

We even got some yummy sunshine!

And then Bethany became a supermodel! So gorgeous.

This is the bench at J.A. & Anna F. Smith Children's Park in Bremerton where Derek first asked Bethany out. I love love love that they chose such a special location for their engagement photos!

Derek and Bethany, thank you so much for such a great session! You guys rocked it, despite the freezing cold. You are so much fun to work with and I cannot wait for your big day! 


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