The Davison Family | Amity Family Photography

There's something slightly intimidating, and a little awesome, about photographing a family that whose last family picture was taken by my dad. (And no, I'm not stealing business from him, he only does photography as a hobby these days.) It's also a little nerve-wracking to take a family photo for a family who has literally known you since birth. I grew with them and now I have to try and be an authoritative photographer and tell them what to do?! It's sometimes hard for me to make the switch into that role and I always feel like I am WAY awkward but I'm really hoping that was just in my head. :) At least their photos turned out awesome... even thought I was sweating despite the rain. ;)

I grew up going to meeting at their house and will always be thankful for Steve and Doris's open home and the love and peace that I always felt there.  
 The handsome grandson!

These guys.
 Love these woman!

Thanks for putting up with the rain for family photos guys! I'm so glad you didn't let it stop you... even though I'm pretty sure you wanted to let it. :) It was so great to see EVERYONE all together again. I hope you all know how special your family is and how much you are loved and appreciated. Happy holidays! 


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