Miss Sam | Bremerton Senior Portraits

If I could turn back the clock and be a senior in high school again, I would want to be just like Sam here. Not just because she's sweet and beautiful and smart and has a great smile... mostly because her and her family are going to be moving to Italy next year! ITALY! Are you kidding me??? What an amazing experience that will be! (Not like I'm jealous or anything...) 

Those Italian boys won't know what hit them! ;-)

This is definitely my favorite... love everything about it.

 Supermodel status? Yes, I think so.

And I have to include this adorable picture of mother and daughter from our session... walking arm in arm.

Now just imagine them being able to do that on the streets of Italy next year! (So totally jealous!) Sam, enjoy your adventure, take lots of pictures, and feel free to invite me over sometime! ;-) Ciao! 


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