Waiting to Take Flight | Bremerton Senior Photos

Senior photos in a foggy marshland? Yes please. And then some more photos at the local airport with a vintage plane? YES PLEASE! These are probably my most favorite senior pictures ever... in the history of all senior pictures in the history of the world...

This setting so reminded me of Scotland... I absolutely love it.

And then we went to the airport (because Anna is going to be studying aviation next year) and I just about died due to awesomeness overload:
 My favorite: "Look, I'm a plane!" hahaha :)

 This girl NEVER wears her hair down. Because she gets hot and there is too much of it and it's annoying (according to her). But I begged and I pleaded for her to undo the braid and let the wind blow her hair around and I am SO glad she finally gave in! JUST LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS! Gorgeous much???

 Oh yeah... and then we went back to the airport on a different (sunnier) day to have an airplane in the photos. No big deal.

 And I'll end with this killer shot. BAM. Look at those eyes!
Oh my. Anna, thank you so much for being game for anything! And please give your wonderful mother a giant hug from me for arranging for us to be able to have a PLANE as a prop. She gets the "best mom" award for sure.  And the "best senior photos ever"award definitely goes to you! :)


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