The Farrings | Portland Family Photography

If you know me at all, you know that I LOVE babies and I especially adore babies with chubby cheeks and dimpled thighs... so you better believe that I was LOVING getting to photograph sweet little Brooklyn and her parents. We met up at McMenamins Edgefield on a (very) wet afternoon and I was immediately endeared to the this adorable family because they weren't going to let a little Oregon rain keep them from having their family photos taken. And look... Brooklyn even managed a few smiles for me! 

And then I also got a lot of this look from her... which I'm pretty sure is the "who is the crazy lady with the camera and why is she talking to me" face.

She always had smiles for her mom and dad though...

One of my favorites right here... felt like Brooklyn was looking into my soul.

She's teething so there was a lot of fishy faces getting made. :) I love it!

How ridiculously cute is her little apple beanie??? And will you please just look at those thighs! SO CUTE!

What I loved most about Sam and Julie was that even though they are only first time parents, they were just completely at ease in their roles as mom and dad. Everything about how they were with Brooklyn looked so natural and easy and although we only had an hour together, I know without a doubt, that Brooklyn is one very lucky little girl.

I'll end with a few photos of just Sam and Julie, husband and wife, father and mother:

This one has to be my favorite... they're just a couple of kids in love! ;-)

Sam and Julie, thank you so much for an amazing photo session! I loved hanging out with you guys and getting to play work with Brooklyn was too fun. I wished I lived closer so I could offer to babysit! You two are amazing parents already and it's easy to see that Brooklyn will spend her life being loved beyond measure. Can't wait to watch her grow!


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