Taylo Family | Portland Family Photography

It's hard to believe how much kids can change in one short year. I first met the Taylo family shortly after their youngest, Kenedi, was born and she was just a tiny little bundle... but this time at our session in Cathedral Park in Portland, she was a rascally little girl running around on her own! It wasn't just Kenedi that had changed though; Will and Addi were seemed so much older too! Mom Niki was looking fabulous and Dad Rob... well, is it my imagination or is he wearing the same shirt as last time???  

That look Addi is giving just kills me.

Will always ends up in a tree! Such a boy. :-)

They have the best smiles! Love them!

Everybody was game for a leaf fight! Not sure if it was the kids or the parents who were getting the most joy out of it though... ;-)

Thanks for another great session Taylo Family! It was so good to catch up with you guys!


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