Mr. & Mrs. Snow | Issaquah Wedding Portraits

Damon's mom, Karen, bought this photo session for this gorgeous couple as a wedding present. Damon and Kayla were getting married later in the day, at a small ceremony, and weren't planning on having professional photos done. Lucky for them, Karen knew that they might someday regret not having really nice photos from such a special day and so she contacted me. I guess these aren't technically "wedding photos" since I wasn't at their wedding, but I'll go ahead and call them "wedding day photos"... and tell you straight up that these are officially now apart of my all time favorite photos (that I've taken). Nothing I love more then photographing two people in love...

 Aren't they just the most adorable couple ever!?

Kayla's cute umbrella is from the awesome Seattle company Bella Umbrella. Love it!

 Oh and as if they weren't cute enough... let's add there beautiful baby girl into the picture!

 Honestly, this is one of my all time favorite photos that I've ever taken. I am so in love with this image:
Sweet baby Fiona is gorgeous like her mama.

Oh jeez. Seriously? Could they be any more good looking?! Damon and Kayla (and Fiona too!), thank you SO much for such an amazing shoot! I honestly had no idea what (or who) to expect since I had never met you and had never been to Issaquah! But *phew*, it sure worked out since you guys ended up being super models and the Train Depot was the perfect vintage-esque setting.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Snow!


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