The Close Family | Portland Family Photography

Her name is Francine. Adorable right? Her parents call her Francie. Even more adorable right?! And now, just look at her... EVEN MORE ADORABLE! 
Add in her loving parents and you get the whole complete adorable Close family. Love them! 
And don't forget Gizzy! (The neglected dog.) :-D

I finally got to see Francie's cute little smile when we were back at their house! Makes my heart melt! 

 My absolute favorite:

And when the baby starts to rub her eyes, that's when you know the session is over. :) 
Thank you so much for such a fun session guys! Alex and Jo, your daughter is pretty stinking adorable and you two make great parents. It was an honor to take your first official family photos! I hope I see you all soon! xo


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