Happy Halloween!

Make sure to get the camera out and get photos of your little ones in their costumes! Want to make your snapshots look a little nicer? Choose a simple, uncluttered backdrop for the photo and crop closely (that means zoom in). This makes it so that the costume is the focus of the photo and it keeps the eye of the viewer from getting distracted by whatever else is going on in the background. 

See how distracting all the stuff is in the background (in the photo above)? This would have been a better photo if I had removed the coats and blankets off of the chair Elli was standing next to and picked up the balloons that were on the floor behind her. Ooops. :)

Don't forget to capture the little details, like tails, too!

 Isn't she just the cutest little cow you ever did see??? Love her so much! Can't believe she's almost 10 months old... crazy!


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