Remembering 9.11

When Josh was working in New York back in 2010, I got a chance to go visit him and we spent a weekend in the city. One of our stops was the place where the World Trade Towers once stood. We went into the little museum for the 9.11 attack and... well. There are just no words to describe the absolute fear and horror, pain and tragedy that is memorialized there. If ever you can, go see it for yourself but make sure to bring a box of tissue because if you're anything like me, you will need it. There's no way that you can't be affected by the photos, letters, video, and wreckage. I will always remember 9.11 and I will always remember what it felt like to stand there in New York City, tears streaming down my face, seeing and feeling just the smallest glimpse of what New Yorkers saw and felt that day. 

Fire Station near Ground Zero

The altered skyline. And my man.

God bless America.


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