Life Lately

Just a small glimpse of all things McBaby Shower. 

Life has been even more busier then usual these days. It seems I move from one job to the next to one project to the next and that there's always three things to add to my "to do" list for even one item that I get crossed off! Sometimes I wish I could time travel so that I could back and tell my younger self to enjoy those days of boredom where there wasn't anything at all to do. I would tell my younger self that those are the days you will soon be wishing for, those are the days you'll find relief in. And then I would sit there with my younger self an refuse to time travel back to the present because I would be busy enjoying all the boredom. :)

I won't bore you with too many details of my life but here's a few snapshots off my iPhone to entertain you...

Early Mornings.

Caffeine to stay awake. 

Tea to fall asleep.

School sessions. 


Family time. With the boyfriend's family. 

Ferry Boats.

Missing my childhood.

A sunrise that made me weep for it's beauty.


  1. So excited for THE baby shower of ALL baby showers!! Love you sis!!


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