Chris + Lisa | Portland Wedding Photography

Lisa kept complimenting everyone: her friends, her sister-in-law, her future mother-in-law, her groom, even me! There she was, standing there in her beautiful white dress, looking like a fairy tale princess, and she wouldn't stop telling everyone else how great they looked. Lisa's the epitome of a sweetheart. And Chris? Chris only had eyes for Lisa and he made sure that she got more compliments then anyone else in the room. And rightly so...

 Lisa getting ready. :)

 Father of the bride, checking his watch. Makes me laugh every time!
 The groom with his lovely mother.
 Chris and Lisa opted not to do a "First Look"... but then kinda had one anyway. Chris was waiting in the chapel with his mom and Lisa's dad when Lisa came out of the dressing room. The smile on his face when he saw her was priceless!

 Nothing I love more then a happy bride and groom who are so obviously in love.

 Lisa's father gave the most beautiful little speech as he gave his daughter away. I don't remember the exact words but I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. It's these moments that make my job so incredibly special to me.
 I love the iPhone photographers, they're quiet and no flash. :)

The kiss!

I'll end with one of my favorites... Chris and Lisa in a sweet moment after they exited the chapel... can't you just feel their happiness and love?!


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