Waiting on One More | Pt. Defiance Family Portraits

This is Becky.

This is Becky's husband, Eric and her beautiful daughter Annelise.

They are all waiting patiently and a little anxiously, to meet the newest member of their family who seems quite content to stay in his mama's belly. :)

 If he only knew all the great things that await for him once he arrives! Like silly games with Mom:
Climbing tress with Big Sister:

And all the kisses from everyone who loves him!

Maybe a few words of advise from Annelise will convince him it's time to make his entrance?

I think he's telling her "No thanks, I'll stay inside" here... :)

Whenever he does finally decide to enter this world, one thing is for sure, that little boy will be blessed with an amazing family and he will know what it is to be loved.

Becky and Eric, thanks for a great session! I had so much with you and sweet Annelise. I'll be praying for your little boy's safe delivery. I hope he gets here soon, can't wait to meet him! <3


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