Of Commitment Issues

I am an Oregonian. Born and raised. I no longer live in Oregon but I am still an Oregonian. And I always will be. I love Oregon, I love all things Oregon. I am a flannel-wearing, Subaru-driving, tea-drinking, tree-hugging, camping-in-the-woods-without-showering, umbrella-shunning,  Oregon hippie. Okay, maybe I'm only a psudeo-hippie because I do shave my legs, I've never smoked marijuana, and I don't have any birkenstocks... but still, I have a green heart.

I've lived in Washington for almost 2 years now. I got my Washington drivers license about 6 months after I moved here. But only because it was expiring. I didn't register my car at the same time because I didn't really have the extra money to spend on that. And I continued to put it off, living in fear that I would get pulled over and written a $200something ticket. But then my tags [or is it tabs?] expired at the end of October and I could no longer put it off.

I've never thought of myself as someone with commitment issues. I moved to Washington, no hesitation, 5 months after meeting Josh so that I could live closer to him. No fear of commitment there! But oh man... the thought of not having Oregon plates on my car any more? ANXIETY. The thought of people in Oregon seeing my car and thinking I'm an out-of-towner? ANXIETY. My friend Nicole keeps saying that Washington is going to be my "permanent home" and I almost start hyperventilating at the thought of not being "from Oregon" anymore! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Washington, I love living here, I love my friends and family here. I don't for a second regret moving here. But I'm still an Oregonian. And somehow, having a WA driver's license in pocket and WA plates on my car makes me feel like... I'm not. Like... I'm supposed to be a... Washingtonian. Or something. So apparently I might just have a very SLIGHT commitment issue... but I'm working on it.

In the meantime... it was off with the old:

And on with the new! 
[Random fact: I'm remembering my new plates letters "AFE" with the phrase "All Fat Elephants" hahahahahaha]

And here's to homes, old and new! <3


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