Walker & Tim | Portland Wedding Photography

When you have a groom looking all handsome like this:

And when you have a bride looking all GORGEOUS like this:

And when they're all cute and in love like THIS:

Well, then you just KNOW it's going to be a good wedding! And indeed it was. 

 Of course, beautiful details like these always add a little something special to the day!

Erin and Tim had a lovely afternoon ceremony at the Arcadian Ballroom in Portland, Oregon surrounded by their family and friends. With all the people and everything that was going on, I don't think that Tim ever took his eyes off of his bride. And really, who can blame him! HELLO, look at her! And check out the beautiful bouquet that Tim's sister made... love it!

Before the ceremony, Tim and Erin opted to do a "FIRST LOOK" so that we could get some portraits beforehand and not have to worry about trying to get them done after the ceremony while all the guests were waiting. I absolutely love them for this because it is such an incredibly special moment when the bride and groom get to see each other, in their wedding clothes, with no one else around [besides the photographer obviously] and to just take some time to say "Oh hi, we're getting married today!" Tim and Erin's first look moment was priceless...

My second-shooter, Kelsey, snapped the photo on the left of Erin adjusting the glasses that she normally wears while I got the photo on the right of Tim adjusting his tie. So cute!  

These last 3 photos are my favorite! Not sure why... I just love them though. 

Walker, it was an honor to be a part of you wedding day! Tim, Walker is a precious friend and I am so thankful that she found someone as amazing as you to spend the rest of her life with. You clearly adore her and that makes my heart happy. :) I'm so happy for you guys and wish you all the best! I hope to see you soon... xo


  1. Love that bouquet! Another amazing shoot sister! Love you!

  2. Congratulations on your 300th blog post. You are such a talented photographer and I'm so glad you are folloing your photographic dreams. Its been so much to see all your photos and stories. Keep them coming...


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