The DeGroots | Gig Harbor Family Portraits

If there is ever something that I love, it's a family who is determined to have their family photos taken! It took a while to finagle all the different schedules but through sheer determination, the DeGroots were able to coordinate the grandparents, children, spouses, and grandchildren and get them in the same place, at the same time and get those cherished family photos done...

The following series is a timeline of how everyone was added to the family:

1 and 2
                    3                                                                            4                              5
                6                                                                 7                                                                     8
And finally... number 9!!!! 

I asked the DeGroots if they could bring some furniture to the beach for our session and lucky me, they were game for bringing their cute yellow loveseat! Love it! 

Hoe adorable are Gretchen and Zack!

My favorite part of our session was when I went to take a headshot of Jen and she shied away from the camera. Her lovely mother-in-law, Pat, stopped her and said, "No, you smile and get your picture taken!" Aaah, a woman after my own heart. :) She told me that she has hardly any pictures of her mother and she doesn't want her family to suffer that same heartbreak when she is gone. Truly, this is why photographs are so important and I love love LOVE when people understand that. :)

Nothing like some adorable blonde kids to make some fun photos!


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