Tammarie & Craig | Portland Portrait Session

Love and life have two things in common: 1. They are never what you expect but 2. they are always worth the effort.  If there is ever a couple that has experienced these two facts fully, it is Tammarie and Craig. They dated for 9 years until they were married in 1989 and have experienced many ups and downs throughout their life together. But through it all, they have put God and family first, adopting 3 children (siblings) and teaching them, and each other, what it means to love. Before our session, [which Tammarie arranged as a surprise for Craig since they've never had professional photos done of themselves], she sent me an e-mail, sharing why it was important to get these photos and I was so moved by what she had to say about her husband.

"Today I look at Craig and my love for him is so deep, so beyond words. He has gone through everything with me, he did not leave, he did not throw up his hands and leave the burden to me, but he hung in there. Craig encouraged me to go to meetings when I was discouraged, he encouraged me to get out with my few friends. Craig has loved me from the time I was young and beautiful, and he has continued to love me as I have gotten older and heavier.  He loves me for me, that is such a gift".

If only everyone could be so lucky in love...

 The session was a surprise present for Craig from Tammarie. He had no idea what was happening when he showed up at Jenkins Estate. She gave him a letter to explain the what and the why and all the reason that she loved him... I stood back and captured the moment for them...

Once Craig was onboard with the idea, we wondered around the beautiful property, pleasantly surprised to see that they still had quite a few flowers in bloom! 

Tammarie, it was an honor to be the photographer you choose and trusted to capture your love on camera. I hope that you love your photos as much as I do. Thank you for sharing your story with me and making me a part of it. You and Craig are so adorable and truly an inspiration of what marriage should be. <3


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