Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! If you ever need to throw a Halloween party, you should give my friend Kya a call. She hosted a murder-mystery party that was to die for.... bwahahahaha! Ha! Sorry... okay but seriously, it was an amazing party full of awesome little details: [please forgive the low quality iPhone shots!]

The costumes were awesome too! I was Dr. Jeykll Hyde.... [only had to spend $5 on my costume to buy the top hot! woohoo!]

The crazy cast of characters:

So much fun! 

I hope everyone has a fun and safe halloween! Make sure to take lots of pictures! :-D

And check back here all week for a TON of updates... I've been crazy busy lately and have a bunch of awesome new work to post... a new session for every day of the week! Oh and guess what? Tomorrow will be my 300th blog post! Can you believe it!? I think I might have a couple of give aways in honor of the momentous occasion... so be sure to check back tomorrow! XO


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