Taylor | Newberg Senior Portraits

Alas, yet another 2012 senior that I have known since he was a wee little thing, running around in diapers, that yes, I also changed. *sigh* How am I this old?! To me, Taylor is still my water polo coach's son, with blonde curly hair that his mom just couldn't bear to cut and was too adorable for his own good. My mom used to babysit Taylor and his brother a lot and one time Taylor ended up going to meeting [church] with us and he wore a little 3-piece-suit suit that was pretty much the cutest thing that I have ever seen! I wish I could find that picture... for now though, here's a few of his senior shots for the yearbook:

Don't mind the horse in the background. It's the neighbors. 

This is the smile that his mom requested.

This is the smirk that she usually gets. 

Taylor, I can NOT believe that you're all grown up! Instead of the chubby, cuddly little boy that mom babysat all those years ago, you are a tall, muscled, water polo rock star of a young man and I simply can not comprehend how it happened. Best of luck with your senior year, I can't wait to do an end-of-the-year session with you!!! It's definitely going to involve a pool.... :-D


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