Saturday Night

My boyfriend's dad is a Grammy award winning artist... but neither one would ever tell you that, they're both too humble.  And until Saturday night, I had never heard Dad preform. He always claimed to not like to preform solo, he's used to being behind the other members of the group Kohala, just strumming on his guitar. So imagine my excitement when Dad announces that he's going to be preforming! solo! at Bainbridge Island. Finally! It was a small, private concert that some friends put on at a new community theatre on the island and it was awesome!

 The nieces preformed one song with their papa. It was SO good and so incredibly sweet! 

 And then Josh and the nieces preformed a hula to "Grass Shack". It was adorable! They did SO GOOD! All that practice totally paid off! ;-)

And then the band Eddyville preformed! An awesome group of guys that make awesome music! If you don't know about them, you should definitely check them out!

It was an awesome night of good friends and good music... can't wait to see both Dad and Eddyville preform again! 


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