Of Grandparents

We were standing on the shaded drive at the park, underneath the canopy of old trees. I was testing the lighting when Grandma asked to have individual pictures taken of both her and Grandpa; "You know... for when... it would be good to have when... well, you know?" She smiled at me, her eyes watery, not quite sure how to say what she was asking her grandchild to do.

Oh. Grandma.

As she explained to me how nice it would be to have a good picture done, when they are healthy and feeling well, so that they would have a "good" picture ready for... you know... all I could think was "STOP. Don't say it". Because if nobody says it out loud then I don't have to admit that my grandparents won't live forever.

But I already know that don't I? I miss you Grammy.

It made it hard to know if the focus was correct, trying to shoot through the tears that I was fighting. I didn't like knowing that this could be the photo I would see on their obituaries... even just writing that word is hard for me to do... I don't like it. Which is silly because Grandma and Grandpa aren't scared of that day, they know they have something to look forward to and so when that day does come [if it must] then I can miss them but I know I can't be sad because they will be in Heaven and that can't make me anything but happy for them. But still... it was one of the hardest shoots that I have ever done because it meant SO much.

Looking back now, I'm so glad that I offered to do the shoot for Grandma and Grandpa. Originally my motivation was to get a few nice pictures that I could give to my Uncle Vern who will be ministering in Mongolia for a few years, and of course, I always need the practice. But after Grandma said what she said, I was even more glad that we were able to do the shoot because after all that they have done for me, it's nice to know that I could give them something back and in a small way, help them to be prepared for the future [way far off in the future, only if it must absolutely have to happen future].

And really, when you think about it, or when I thought about, weren't they just doing what I'm always telling everyone to do? TAKE PICTURES OF YOURSELF. Because if something happens and your time ends, wouldn't it be nice to have a nice picture of yourself smiling, looking good, being happy, being the person they remember and love for people to have to remember you by and NOT just the-only-single-picture-we-could-find-but-it's-not-the-best-but-it-will-have-to-do-because-it's-all-we-got-too-bad-she/he-isn't-really-smiling-and-looks-miserable-in-it photo?! Seriously. And everybody needs to remember this. Children, teens, adults, elderly, everyone! Stop hating the camera and just smile and let your picture be taken because you never know who with cherish that photo long after you've gone... or even while you're still here too. :-)

I love you Grandma and Grandpa! XO


  1. Lovely post. :) I can see that being a tough shoot to do. But such a lovely picture and memory created. :)


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