Letter to My Brother-In-Love

Dear Brian,

As far as brother-in-laws go, you're my favorite. Granted, you're the only one I got, but if I'm only going to have one, you're the one I would want to be stuck with. I usually just refer to you as my "brother" but sometimes people get confused by that so I've decided to refer to you as my "brother-in-love", not "in-law". Because you are not just my brother due to the fact that you're married to my sister [lucky you!] but you are my brother because I love you.

I love you for a lot of reasons; I love how you love my sister, how you support her, how you care for her, how you provide for her. I love the home that you have built for her, the way you make choices with her [and not for her]. I love that you and your family are not just the "in-laws" but are family. I love that you're crazy about your dogs, the same way Mari is crazy about dogs. Frankly, sometimes you both are a little too crazy about them. Yes, I'll say it, Trooper is SPOILED. :) I love that you're an AMAZING chef and I love that you're a little ADD. It's entertaining. :) I love that you put up with me showing up at your house at 1am, that you let me stay for days on end, and that the only time you've ever asked me not to stay there was last night, on your anniversary. [For the record, I do have the common sense and decency to NOT plan on staying at your house on your wedding anniversary, thankyouverymuch.] I love that I can spend time with you, without Mari, and it's not painful or awkward. You are my friend, one of my best friends even, and I love you for that. You are such an incredible husband to my sister and I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of one of the most important persons in my life. I know that she is safe with you, I know she is loved and cherished, respected and adored. THANK YOU for that amazing gift.

Happy 3rd anniversary you two! I love you both so much!

little sister

September 27, 2008


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