I live in a town that would never really be my first choice for a place to live if it weren't for my boyfriend living here. For the first year of living here, I was really just tolerating it more then anything. I didn't like the town but I loved living close to my love! And even though home will always be wherever Joshua is, and I love it because I love to be with him, once I finally really started connecting with people and making friend friends, it sure made this town a lot more enjoyable. Now, when people ask me how I like the area, instead of saying, "Meh, it's all right" my response is more along the lines of, "I love it!" and I have these people to thank for that...

...and a few others, but I'm just posting the pic from our beach camping trip on Friday. Don't be offended, I love you too all my other Washingtonian friends. ;-)


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