Say WHA?

Can someone please psychoanalyze this dream for me:

It's night. I'm walking through a snow covered mountain forest with my mom and a undefined man who I understand to be our guide. We are hunting wolves. I spy a large one up ahead and I move away from Mom and the guide onto a secondary path so that I can sneak up on it. I trip. And suddenly I am sliding down the snowy slop. I'm able to stop myself for a moment and I'm filled with relief, but when I attempt to stand up, I only fall again, this time faster and further down the mountain. I'm screaming, panicked  with the knowledge that this is not okay, that it's painful, that I'm getting lost, that I'm not in control and have no way to stop myself. Once the slope levels out, I turn back to look up the mountain and call out to my mom, desperate to let her know that I'm safe but even as I yell, I know that she cannot hear me. So instead I set out to get to the bottom of the mountain as fast as possible so that when she gets there I'll be there and she'll know I'm safe. When I'm almost there, I'm exhausted and barely able to walk and I come across three old women who are walking around idly as if they were on an evening stroll. I beg them to let my mother know I'm safe, but they laugh and refuse. Finally one of the women agrees to make a phone call and as I'm holding the phone for her so that she can dial, my mom and the guide finally arrive and I run to Mom, yelling "I'm safe, I'm safe!"

Cut to: I'm hosting a dinner party for all my sister's friends, in our old house on Springbrook Ave. We're about to start eating when Josh shows up late with two young boys who start wrestling in the middle of the room, knocking over all the food. I yell at them to get out, throwing chips at them! I drag them outside, furious, and then proceed to give them a kind lecture about how I don't want to be mad at them but they really just give me no choice and I would much rather be able to invite them to the party but I can't because they are so disruptive.

WHAT?!?!?!? I really should start keeping a dream journal because I have CrAzY dreams!!!! Like the other night when I dreamed about being in the army and China was attacking with color bombs and I had to get around on a ski lift transport???? So weird. I wish I could video tape my dreams and watch them when I'm awake because they would be sooooo entertaining. Or disturbing. It's hard to say.


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