$99 Steal of a Deal!

About a month ago I was contacted to do a groupon-esque deal through a local radio station here in Seattle. They were going to promote the [ridiculously low price for photo sessions] offer, and my business, through the month of September, taking their cut and a % to cover credit card transactions and I would get a ton of new business.... or something like that.

Yes, it would have been good as far as marketing goes, and would reach people that I never could, but really, I just couldn't fully grasp how it would be beneficially to my business, especially when they asked me to lower the cost even more! Between the reduced price, them taking their cut, and travel expenses, I doubt I would be able to break even on their deal. But, oh! the! new! clients! Right? Meh. I think that the majority of the people who would purchase that kind of deal care more about saving 99.78% then they care about actually getting good photographs. They wouldn't be buying the deal to get MY photography... and that just didn't sit well with me.

So I've been thinking about it... and with 461 people who "like" my facebook page and the 30 people who follow my blog (along with those who read it anonymously- Hi YOU! and the people who wander on her from links posted by my brother and sister- Love you guys!)... that's roughly at least 500 people that I can reach via the internet. And they (YOU) already know me, know my photography, know what I have to offer. And since they "like" me and take the time to read my blog (thanks by the way!), I'm assuming that they would be more likely to purchase a deal based on my photography and not just the money saving opportunity. [Plus, they are the ones that I WANT to have as clients!!!]

Do you agree? I hope so because here it is:

Now, through the end of September, if you are a blog "follower" or have "liked" my facebook page, you can purchase a $175 portrait session (1-4 people) for only $99!

And just to clarify, you don't have to have your pictures done IN September. You pay for it now, and then book a session at your convenience. It can be for family photos, engagement photos, senior pictures, holiday photos, baby photos, kids photos, maternity photos, anniversary photos, birthday photos, whatever you want! I don't charge travel fees for Portland or Newberg, Oregon locations or for Bremerton, Washington and surrounding area locations. If you're outside these areas and still want a photo session, no problem! Just let me know where and I'll give you a travel cost.

I posted this deal yesterday on my fb page, to see if anyone would actually be interested and I've already scheduled 5 shoots! YAY! I'm so excited that this is motivating people to get their pictures taken! E-mail me at B.Raelene@gmail.com to purchase this deal and book your session. I look forward to working with YOU!!!!

On a side note, here's a picture of me that my friend Erin took in Seattle.


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