What I Strive For:

I got an e-mail from a client the other day and when I read her kind words about my work, my eyes welled with tears and my heart swelled with joy...

"I want to thank you so much for your beautiful photos!  You truly are an incredibly gifted photographer.  Thank you for your time, patience, and energy--your photos capture the moments and emotions and using your talents to craft the perfect photo, you "tuck away" a little bit of your love into every detail and it shows!  You are such a joy to work with and you make it so easy!" -Kim

... This is everything I have hoped to be as a photographer and have never been able to fully articulate, even to myself. To have someone; a client and a friend, put into words what it is that I put into my work, is truly a gift. Thank you Kim. I don't share this wonderful compliment here for the purpose of gloating or tootin' my own horn, I share it with you, putting it on record, so that every future client might hold me to this standard. Please. And so that I might always remind myself of what it is I'm striving to accomplish. 


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