To My Latest Second-Shooter:

I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again many times more: having an assistant when I'm working is SO MUCH HELP. I've said it about Kelsey, my go to girl, I've said it about Josh, who came through in a clutch, and now I'm saying it about Kale, who helped me at Carrie and David's wedding.

I've seen plenty of pictures that Kale had taken before to know that he had a good eye for photography but that didn't mean I wasn't nervous about how he would do shooting at a wedding. Sometimes the eye people have for their personal photography doesn't always translate into good wedding photography because it's an entirely different ball game. Luckily, my nervousness was for nothing because Kale did a lovely job and I was so happy as I edited them, being able to use the majority of them and feel that they supported my shots, my style, and my brand.

Thank you so much for all your hard work at the wedding Kale! I will definitely be hiring you again. :-)

I especially loved the creative shots Kale got of David and the groomsmen hanging up the paper lanterns in the reception area. He shot THROUGH the lantern and the purple vignette looks awesome! 

The groom's sunglasses.

Perfect use of depth of field and focus...

...Love the change of focus.

Capturing the special in-between moments.

Loved this of the ladies!

I especially love this candid of Carrie adjusting her dress, there's just something about it. 

Thanks again Kale! Carrie and David are lucky I decided to bring you along. ;-) 


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