Snip Snip Bang Bangs

I have the bad habit of cutting my own bangs. Sometimes it turns out amazing and I'm all "Daaaaaang, why the heck would I ever pay anyone to cut my hair when I can do such an amazing job myself!?!"... but... then there's the other times when it doesn't turn out so great and I'm all "Daaaaaang, why the heck did I ever think that I could do something that should ONLY be left to the professionals?!?!"

Well, I did it again. I've been doing so good, growing my bangs out all year, not cutting them once! But they had finally reached the horribly awkward "too-long-to-be-bangs-too-short-to-not-be-bangs" phase and I just! So snip! snip! BANGS:

I can't decide if I love or hate it. Maybe I'll know in the morning. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't hate it. But really, I should just learn my lesson and leave my hair in the capable hands of my hair stylist [and friend since 6th grade], Megan. She is the only one who has never messed up my hair. I, on the other hand, have that horrible habit of messing it up all the time. *sigh* It's okay though, because I know all y'all know what I'm talking about because I know YOU DO IT TOO!!!!! :-D

Happy weekend everybody! XO


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