Ahh, good 'ol Writer's Block, how are you my old nemesis? I've been slacking in my blogging and in a weak attempt to shove the writer's block aside, here's a random Saturday post... 

I'm a stomach sleeper. But I'm trying to train myself to sleep on my back... you know, to help prevent wrinkles.

I wish eating locally grown food was easier... especially after watching the documentary "Ingredients".

I'm addicted to Pinterest. If you're addicted too, you can follow my boards. If you pin anything to do with beautiful weddings, inspiring photography, fun fashion, homey houses, wanderlust, and delicious food... I will probably follow you back. :)

The boyfriend has a new and sudden interest in hunting. HUNTING. He went bear hunting today. BEAR HUNTING. Do you understand what I'm saying?!?! *sigh* This is not good for my anxiety, not good at all.

I feel the need to be inspired.

I'm almost done with Carrie and David's wedding! Editing photos is like I get to relive the wedding all over again... and when the wedding is as beautiful and full of good people as Carrie and David's was, well that's just another perk of my job!  


  1. I totally know how it goes! Sometimes the pressure of having some kind of actual theme or arc to a post is just too much. It's so much easier sometimes to just "jot" down free thoughts!

    I didn't know about the sleeping-wrinkles thing. I Googled it and tried to sleep on my back last night. It didn't work, but apparently it takes about 6 weeks to re-train yourself? Hahaha.

    So excited for the wedding photos! The ones you posted on facebook are stunning. I think there are so many people who are lucky that you love your job!


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