Kendall | Newberg Senior Portraits

Kendall is my cousin. My younger cousin, obviously. Young enough in fact, that I used to babysit him and yes, I did at one time, change his diapers. And now I have taken his senior picture. Because he is now a senior. In high school. As in, he's going to be graduating from high school. UM, WHAT? Excuse me, my little cousin is supposed to be the mischievous little smarty pants of a 3-year-old with spiky hair, huge brown eyes that would sometime cross and make him all the more adorable, and a quick smile that would let you know when he was up to no good... which was most of the time. Now, Kendall is all grown up, his hair is as unruly as ever, he has glasses so his eyes don't cross (though I'm sure his mother would say they're still prone to an eye-roll every now and again) and his smile isn't quite as quick these days but I can guarantee you, he is still up to no good! ;-) Oh geez, when did I get so old that I can say, "I remember when you were just a wee little tyke"?!!! 

Kendall, you're pretty much a super model. Love it!

Kendall, I can NOT believe you're going to be graduating this year. Every time I see you, I'm startled to find myself looking up to a young man and not the little kid I always remember you as. You've become such a polite, kind, caring, person and your sisters are lucky to have you as an older brother, (For the most part anyway, let's not pretend I don't know that you're still a smart-alec! ) I hope you enjoy your last year of high school, I can't wait to see what the future holds for you! 


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