Counting Miracles.

So... I was at [church] convention all weekend. In Olympia. And it was the first time that I went to convention because I, me, myself, wanted to go and was excited to go. And that in and of itself was such a miracle. And if that was the only good thing about the weekend that would have been more then enough. But it wasn't just that. I was so HAPPY to be at convention, to be hearing God's message, to be learning more of Him and to be in fellowship with people who were also happy to be there. And that was another miracle. But then on top of that, I received SO much more! I wish I could share for days with everyone but here's the sum of what was most precious to me:

This past year has been one of the hardest for me personally because of certain cards I got dealt but at the same time, it has also been the best year for me spiritually. Never have I had such growth, such fruit, and such peace. And I know that all of that would not have been possible without those struggles and difficulties that I faced. So I can be nothing but thankful for those mountains I was asked to climb, for the battles I was asked to fight because I know God had His hand in them and His work was being done.

The fact that I can recognize that God was working, even in the bad experiences, and be thankful for those experiences, is another miracle.

We heard at convention that each experience is only finished when there is thankfulness. When I heard that, I felt like God was letting me know that I had completed the challenge he had set before me because I had reached that point of being thankful for what I had gone through. God was telling me I could be done with it. I could let it go. It is settled and not to be stirred up again.

And that is a miracle.

Never before have I been so aware of God's work and never have I been so thankful for the fruit of the spirit being evident. I hope and pray that His work continues in my life and that more miracles will come.... <3


  1. Well said Bethany! Sometimes its so hard to be thankful for things that happen that we would not choose but we take it and we learn from it and it makes us stronger. Sometimes its hard to see that until we are on the other side of it. I really appreciate your Blog. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Bethany. So nice to have that peace in spite of.....


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